Missoula’s climate and what to wear

Missoula is a city in the mountains, so the summer days are warm and the nights are cool. The city is nearly 1,000 meters above sea level in elevation, and the surrounding peaks are as high as 1,500 meters above sea level. The average nightly temperatures in July can dip down to 10 degrees Celsius. The average daytime high temperatures hover around 30 degrees Celsius.

That means you should bring sweaters, jackets and long pants for the evenings and for our trips into the higher mountains of Glacier and Yellowstone Parks. Otherwise, people in Missoula dress very casually, the young people especially. Jeans or shorts and T-shirts are fine, and so are sandals. However, you will want to bring comfortable, rugged shoes for long walks around the city and hikes in the mountains.

A bottle for water and tea will come in handy, too. And don’t forget your backpacks!

See you soon.