Li Huizhong shadows KUFM’s ‘news boys’

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I went to the campus radio station, KUFM, which is an affiliate of NPR. My hosts were Corwin Carney and Conrad Schied. I didn’t go anywhere these two days, but I saw and learned a lot.

Corwin Carney and Conrad Schied are still students, but they’ve been hired as trainees to do the afternoon regional news for Western Montana. They rewrite the wire and work with audio stories submitted by MTPR reporters in Helena and Kalispell. Other at the station call them the “news boys.” After rewriting the stories, they calculate the exact time required for each story by reading them several times. They make the program schedule, according to the forecast time. What’s also interesting is that they have a scanner that monitors police and emergency radio channels. If anything newsworthy happens, they can rush out to do an interview.

I also met Amy Martin. She in charge of the control room while the news boys read their stories. She  introduced me to the control room, and I watched the whole live broadcast. After that, I recorded a station identification track with Amy’s help. She said they would broadcast my voice for many years.

The next day I met Beth Anne Austein. She was recording a program called “The Food Guys,” featuring hosts Jon Jackson and Greg Patent. Patent was born in Shanghai during World War II, and his son, who speaks very good Mandarin Chinese, has lived in China for many years. One of the Food Guys’ recent topics was Chinese rice wine, which my grandma has made millions of times.

I also went into the studio to see the program called “Jazz Sessions,” whose hosts were Greg Patent and Terry Conrad.

Here’s my station identification:

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