Yu Shijie shadows a Missoulian photographer

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I was with Tom Bauer, a photojournalist for the Missoulian, for two days. The first day we went to downtown to look for something to shoot because we got some information that there would be a crowd of people riding motorcycles to help veterans. Yet, unfortunately, they weren’t there when we got to the motorcycle shop. So we went around the Clark Fork River, and we found some people preparing to go floating. We took some pictures of them, and the photos might be used in the newspaper.

The second day, we drove to a farm with another journalist. We took lots of pictures of the plants of the farm, and we also tasted fresh beans. When we went back to the Missoulian, Tom Bauer put all the photos into the hard drive and then picked the best pictures to edit. When editing pictures, he said, we mustn’t change the content of them. We could do just some nourishment of color, which would make the image more real and easier for audience to see on the Internet or in newspaper. Every picture has two versions, one for Internet and one for newspaper. The color of the Internet one should be saved as RGB, while the newspaper one is CMYK.

There are two important things that I learned form this two-day job shadowing. One is that I should have a good eye for interesting things, and the other one is that I should be honest about what I’m doing.

Check out these Missoulian photographs.

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