Let the job shadowing begin

Seven SISU students met today with hosts from news organizations around Missoula to begin a two-day stint of job shadowing. Three were matched with TV news departments. Lu Nan is following reporter Brin Merkley at KPAX, while Chen Xiaoying is shadowing in reporter Ashley Sanchez at ABC Fox Montana News. Jiang Yiyun was Executive News Producer Cyndy Koures’ guest at KECI.

The Missoulian is playing host to three students. Zhang Kaiju is following natural resources reporter Rob Chaney.  Chen Yijun is making the rounds with crime beat reporter Kate Haake. Yu Shijie is spending time with photographer Tom Bauer.

Meanwhile, Li Huizhong is tailing Montana Evening Edition anchors Conrad Scheid and Corin-Cates Carney at KUFM.

Two more students will get in on the action Wednesday at the Montana Independent. Lin Li is scheduled to shadow reporter Alex Sakariassen, and Tang Jinglei will follow reporter Jessica Mayrer.

We’re much obliged to all of the hosts for sharing their time and expertise. Thanks!

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